RealFlight Link Documentation Request


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I am trying to get more information on RealFlight Link.

I've taken a look at the following threads:
Q&A Thread -

But they all seem outdated.

I found out how to communicate with RealFlight link by going to:
This showed me SOAP methods available like ExchangeData and so on.

How can I get more information? Is there a documentation page I've completely missed? I've checked the website too but that doesn't seem to have much either.

In case you're wondering what my use case is, here is the general flow:

1) ArduPilot SITL connects to RealFlight Link
2) Real Flight Link communicates back and forth with ArduPilot SITL

3) Mean while, my python (later, cpp) script will also ask RealFlight Link about the Servos PWM or actuation percentage. The way I've done this is by making an ExchangeData request but this only shows me changes being made via the RC controller, not ArduPilot SITL.

4) The script will then take those values and move the servos accordingly, resulting in mimicked behavior on the hardware.

This is my indirect way of trying to get HITL running lol.

My main issue is with #3. ExchangeData as I mentioned does not give me servo positions, which is what I need. It just tells me where my control sticks are from the RC remote (if SITL was flying on auto, I wouldn't know by how much things are changing as all the values in <item> </item> would remain the same as what the RC control is giving).

Is there developer documentation for RealFlight Link?
Is there a SOAP method I can use instead of ExchangeData that tells me the state of each servo, instead of where the RC sticks are?

Thank you very much for your help and assistance in advance. And if anyone has a better approach to what I'm doing, please let me know!