RF 7.5 wont start


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Hi @all,

At first i hope you excuse my english.

Since i update to Win10 Rf7.5 works fine. I guess with a little more performance then on Win 7.

A few days ago i started RF, klick on start, then the screen turned white. Some seconds later a popup said "An unknown Error occured, want you send a Report to Knifedge?

I klicked on "yes" and the Sim closed.

Since this damned evening i wrote a hundred Mails with German Support, uninstall the sim, installed it again, uninstalled it manual, tried the Win7 Comatible mode..

Only thing ive tried not is Voodoo...

Nothing helps. Always this :mad: white window with the "send report" joke at the end. (Their Mailbox must overflow)

Anyone out there with some ideas?


Run the launcher and "reset" the Realflight configuration.

This often happens when there is a major driver update or you change your video configuration or there is a major operating system upgrade.

Realflight's settings are no longer correct for your new configuration.
...but tried again.

Hey, how you are, white screen, old friend. Then sent report Nr. 179248 to Knife Edge.

Someone know to take a log?
Can you use system restore to take you computer back to a previous state where it was working ? You can then see what updates have been since then that made it stop working.
If the "reset" did not work, I would advise re-downloading your video drivers again.

Then perform a "clean" install of the drivers (performing a CLEAN install is very important!).

Once done reboot and download and install the DirectX9.0c redistributable and install it.

Again reboot and run the launcher and try resetting Realflight's configuration.

The issue you are having is with your video drivers.