RF 9.5 purgatory. Please help me escape....


Downloaded RF 9.5S from Steam. Have a wireless WS2000 dongle.
When I start the program in STEAM (first startup), the following shows up, however, my computer mouse will not allow me to select any of the boxes. I hear a beep after a few seconds.
At this point, uninstalled STEAM, uninstalled RF 9.5S (Revo uninstaller)
Restarted computer
Updated all drivers
Reinstalled steam
reinstalled 9.5S
Nothing has worked.
Plenty of power from my computer (aka graphics,etc)
To be honest, I just want my money back from Horizon, however, they are refusing.
Guess I will figure out board of directors and legal dept to see if I can wake anyone up just to get my money back.
Will keep everyone advised on how this goes on the refund.


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I am not sure what is happening. but it looks like RF is trying to run at a larger resolution than the monitor.

I am not sure what GPU you have RF9 will run on a "potato" but RF has issues on the newest amd GPU's the newest amd gpu's dont support DX9 although experimental/test/beta drivers have DX9 working.

I was hoping someone with more diagnostic experience would chime in.


I recall having issues in the past with Windows if the display resolution was very high and the display resolution was not set to 100%.
Check these settings in display properties and maybe try a lower resolution and 100% scaling.