RF G5.5 will not launch at all


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Hello people of KnifeEdge

Recently found my Interlink Elite controller for RealFlight and I hoped to get it going again.

Last used when I still had Windows 7, now running Windows 10.

The Interlink controller is being recognised and can be calibrated.
When I try to open the G5.5 Launcher nothing at all happens.
When I try to open G5.5 directly I get a nice little message
"Radio Control Simulator has stopped working"

No error codes or other messages pop up. Quite frustrating.

I have contacted Realflight support and nearly a week is up and no word from them.

Sure I could buy the new version....not that fortunate.




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Solution Found!!!!

Found the original DVD, installed RF G5, runs great, now cannot update to G5.5.

First world issues for an aging title I know.