Robbe Futaba fc16 possible?


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I'm going to back to rc flying after more than 10 years.

I'm owning a Robbe Futaba FC 16.

Now I want to know if its possible to connect this transmitter to pc for use with rf9

Or should I go on with a FrSky QX7


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If it will connect to a PC and show up as a joystick/game pad device, it will work.
Or you MAY be able to use a patch cord (sold by Horizon) to connected to a corded Real Flight wired controller via the trainer port (but I have not verified this on newer RF boxes).

Other than saving a few bucks or because you really like the "feel" of your TX, it can be a process to figure out how to setup your TX to emulate all the functions of the RF one. To leverage all the programmable functions of your TX requires a new model in the TX for each different plane in RF, which may also require you to become familiar with how to edit the plane in RF. Or you use one generic setup that turns your TX into a dumb box, negating the advanced features of the TX. There is the wear and tear argument to also consider....
Many of us find it is much less of a pain to just buy and use the box sold for RF. I do, even though I have spent a lot of time configuring my TX's to work very well with it. Just easier to grab the RF box and use the sim.