Streaming Real Flight

Cary Pond

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Looking into buying the Real Flight Simulator. Have downloaded stream onto my computer. Question I have is, Will i be able to stream the simulator to my smart TV or am I limited to my computer screen. TIA.. Cary

Bill Stuntz

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IT's Steam not stReam. RF will install on your PC - it doesn't stream. If your PC can display on your TV, it'll work.
EDIT: I capitalized the wrong letter in stream above. Sorry about that. I think my tingers got fangled up.
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If your computer has an HDMI output and is near the computer, you could connect to the TV with an HDMI cable.

Otherwise, if you're going with a third-party streaming program of some sort, It's going to be up to that program to make it work. RealFlight can run as a window like other Windows programs, or it can run full-screen. That streaming program may support only windowed mode or it may support full-screen as well. But either way, that's not up to RealFlight.

Steam (no "r") is how you buy and install RealFlight.

Ryan Douglas

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Once upon a time (probably with RF8) I tried running RealFlight on my living room TV through my Steam Link hardware talking to my PC upstairs, but I couldn't get it working with my InterLink connected to the Steam Link's USB ports. Maybe it would be possible with the right setup, but at the time when I was attempting it and doing some research into the issues I remember having reason to think it was simply not going to work. RC-style controllers don't map all that well to generic gamepad inputs.

I vaguely remember somebody claiming a third-party utility might help with situations like this. I also remember thinking that even if I did get it all working, added latency (input in particular) might be a dealbreaker.

Streaming video is one thing. I suspect the larger obstacle will always be the controller connection. Depending on your setup there may be ways around that, though. For example, you could have a wireless dongle connected directly to your PC in another room and transmit to it wirelessly from the room with the TV.

If you do get anything working in a way that makes you happy, by all means tell us about how you did it!


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I run an HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and can view and manipulate RF on it... since it's really just another monitor hooked up to the laptop. But it will only display at the resolution of the laptop. I've never been able to get it to 1080p, much less 2K and 4K.