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    Wind Freak

    Also looking for the Wind Freak
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    Anyone seen a file for the Sig Ninja kicking around?
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    I can't install RealFlight 8 on Windows 10

    Microsoft is full of doo doo. I originally had issues installing and running RF8 on Windows 10, All I did uninstall RF8, shut down Windows Defender and or any other security software you may run. Leave the antivirus and securtiy software shut down until you successfully load and play RF8, then I...
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    you guys were so helpful on my last search.... looking for the FMS MOA
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    Thank you kindly all!!
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    Is there not a Aircraft file for a T 28 to download ... I have had a look? perhaps missed it.
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    Blade 230 with Safe

    Is it possible that there is a file out here for the Blade 230S that I have missed? or is there anyone that could build one for me ? which would be greatly appreciated? James
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    RealFlight8 registry errors

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    Eflite Valiant

    I am really surprised no one has built a Valiant for Real Flight being that it is such a hugely popular Aircraft especially for us newbies
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    RealFlight8 registry errors

    I purchased RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition on STEAM about 3 days ago and I have not been able to run it. I get a couple errors when I boot it within STEAM, and of course it goes no further. KEError 21017 registry key load operation failed. Key:software\microsoft\windows\ current...