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    Object positions on custom airport

    Ok I'm trying to do an airport layout with things in precise positions... I save the file and reload the file and all of the positions have changed. What is the "Relative X,Y,Z" in reference/relative to? It seems to move around and seems to be different for each object? This is driving me nuts...
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    conceptual test for recording flight data.....

    So the autopilot of my own design is working via Flightaxis.. Select realflight ranch and replay this recording!
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    conceptual test for recording flight data.....

    Found my problem with my flightaxis code, stupid TCP programming error... So I'm currently doing the following: Turning on FlightAxis. Establishing the connection. Going into a loop exchanging data. I read the RC controller positions from the previous exchange and parrot them back for the next...
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    RealFlight (formerly FlightAxis) Link in RealFlight 9

    I was trying to do exactly this by using flightaxis, ie return the same RC values read... and log the data, alas I can't seem to get flightaxis to respond to me SOAP requests... Is ther some way to turn on a devleopers diagnostic log or any additional error information?
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    RLU-1 Breezy

    Cool breezy model legoman. This one is mine: (The video is 3d if you watch it on your phone or with 3D VR you can pan around) Mine is configured for Pilot in the back, if you ever get to the San Diego area I'll give you a ride.