conceptual test for recording flight data.....


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Found my problem with my flightaxis code, stupid TCP programming error...
So I'm currently doing the following:
Turning on FlightAxis.
Establishing the connection.
Going into a loop exchanging data.
I read the RC controller positions from the previous exchange and parrot them back for the next exchange.

This way you can fly the aircraft normally, and echo back all the RC data.
At the same time you receive all the flightaxis data (speed, attitude position etc..)

The following code was compiled from the command line with microsoft compiler
it needs to be linked with windows sockets...

cl test.cpp wsock32.lib

If you run it in at a cmd prompt it will connect to flightaxis and print out x,y,alt and heading...
Pretty trivial modification to output more or less or write to a file as all of the data returned from the dataexchange is put in a structure.


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So the autopilot of my own design is working via Flightaxis..
Select realflight ranch and replay this recording!


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