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30% Dalton Extra 260_EA

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This is Rob Burton's 30% Dalton Extra 260.
3D model by Rob Burton,Physics were done by Ryan C. Archer(He Did the physics along time ago before the latest update)
The newest physics were done by me so the plane can be flown with the latest update for G3.5. Thank you Rob Burton for this awsome plane! :D

Weight (Wet):29.318 Pounds
Wing Loading o.z (Dry):22.651
Wing Length (Both Wings):110.4 in.
powerd by a 3W120B2
Channel 1:Aileron
Channel 2:Elevator
Channel 3:Throttle
Channel 4:Rudder/Steering
Channel 5: Dual Rates (Middel left switch,pointing up is for 3D Flight,switch down is for genral flight)
Channel 6:Smoke Pump Servo(Top Right Switch)
Have Fun! :cool: ;)

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