Aerotech Phoenix G3_EA

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3D Model by rcplanefubar (Tony Deiman)
Original Designer Bob Parks

Kit available at www.skykingrcproducts.com

Instructions for flying.
This plane will automatically launch as soon as you reset it. The throttle is useless. Highly recommend that you use the low rates switch on takeoff. Not only easier to control but, there is some down elevator mixed in on the low rates. This aids in the launch as the plane wants to climb while engine is burning. After the smoke stops switch back to high rates and stay on it for the rest of the flight.


Wing Span 50 inch
Wing Area 335 Square inches
Launch weight 25 ounces
Rudder, elevator and aileron controls
Power: Aerotech RMS-RC 32-60/100 Rocket Motor
500 foot launch altitude with an F reload
1000 foot launch altitude with a G reload

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