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This is one of my favorites in real life. I have the 3DHS Osiris and love this plane!

This AV (aircraft variant) fixes the amp draw from 400+ to the low 100's high 80's... for Longer Flight times
Changes Include:
Sound to a Out runner not gearbox.

Everything else stayed the same.
Same All Up Weight
Same Balance
Same everything but more realistic power set up, flight time, amp draw, closer to real sound.

Aircraft By Boof69:
Completely updated physics for RealFlight 6 and up. Weights are now more realistic and it's clad in an Andrew Jesky color scheme.

This is the Krill models Spark Evo I Designed by Ivo Kryl in response to the collective input of all the F3A pilots and with special input from Andrew Jeskey.

Modeled by..............................Boof69
Physics by...............................Boof69
Color Scheme by .......................Boof69

This a great pattern flyer with plenty of power and balance. Knife edge fight is very easy and it knife edge loops in perfect track. The Spark Evo also slows nicely on the downline giving plenty of time for manouvers. Landing is very light and controlable with very low power.

Features a fully modeled RC interior. The canopy and chin hatches come off in a crash or can be released independantly by the 3 pos switch.

My Real Flight Personal Content Website!
Link to The Spark Evo build thread
Follow this link to request a model for Real Flight 6-6.5
Proper requesting sample

This variant requires:

AJ Spark Evo II_EA
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