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The Avistar trainer by Hobbico. Configured to match my real-life Avistar, which I have used to train many members in my club. The Avistar is not what would be classified as a primary trainer. It has nearly symmetrical wings and a very low dihedral. For use as a trainer, my personal Avistar is equipped with a $300 stabilization system that I can control from the ground (see the other picture). I do this because I both want to have a trainer on hand for students and because I would rather fly a more aerobatic aircraft. Without the stabilization system it flies a lot like a stick.

Modeled for RealFlight by Doug Kaye (DHK79).

Standard four channel operation with dual rates and expo, with differential throws on the ailerons. The stabilization system is turned on & off by the smoke switch.

Physics updated for RF 6/7.

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