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Back in 1994 when I was only 14 my very first 40 size ARF plane was a greatplanes Big Stick 40 I had a lot of fun with it I even the pleasure of re-covering it because the fuel from my 46 engine started making the cheap covering peel off.Sadly I had to sale it when I was 16 to make room for other r/c models in the apartment so fast forward to me now who recently turned 37(damn where did the time go? lol) who loves to tweak up planes to suit my flying style I didn't have to really do munch for this one but pick up the throws a littlebit and add a os 55 engine and made the wing flat that's all.Enjoy doing hovers,Rolling circles/harriars,low knife edges&flat spins upright&inverted. So enjoy my friends!

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Big Stik from RealFlight G4