CDT Trex500 ESP G45_EA

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Align T-Rex 500 ESP for G4.5
Re-modeled for TREX500 ESP visuals.
Proper Skid Flex behavior
Gyro behavior adjusted for G4.5
other minor tweaks.
This model uses a high-power 6S 2500mAh battery, for advanced pilots flying hard 3D.

3 flight modes via 3 position switch: Normal, Idle-up 1, Idle-up 2
Dual Rates via top left 2 position switch.
Throttle Hold via upper right switch.

Thanks go to the beta test pilots:
opjose, Perry at Aeromicro
Special Thanks to: Finless Bob, Kevin "Fireup", Jason Chow for their valuable feedback.

Align Logo and trademark used with permission.
Thank you Andy Yu from Align USA, Alex, and Maggie from Align.

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