CMB Flying Field (Level I) Ver 5a_AP

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There are now two versions of the CMB Flying Field. Level I and Level II.Lvel I is only the CMB flying field. This keeps the AV small and easy to load. Level II has in addition to the CMB Flying Field, The Village, Float Fly Lake, and the Rustic Airport. This is a more robust file with lots to see and do. This does take a little horsepower to run this AP.

This is Level I

In real life, the CMB RC Flying Field is located in Lenn Park, Culpeper Virginia. The setting is a typical Saturday with a number of plank and heli pilots having lots of fun. If you happen to be a CMB Club member - do enjoy!!! Let me know if it feels like the real thing. On this particular Saturday, someone stopped by to watch the fun in their full scale cub. What a hoot!!!! CMB Flying Field is an excellent AP for multiplayers. There are so many different places to fly - Just pick your favorite model and camera position and go have a blast.

Note: If you go to the View Menu > Camera positions - you will find a number of land locations where you can start flying with either planks or helis.

To change day into night is easy. Use Shift Page-Up to make the day light brighter and Shift Page-Down to turn day light in to night time. Watch the lights come on at -9 degrees. You will be amazed at how many objects have lights embedded. You will also notice that props and rotors are fully illuminated. I have found that multi-engine or pusher prop aircraft are the best to fly at night. That way you are not looking through a very brightly illuminated prop.

Airplane/ Heli AV Files / Other Airports
I've created a number of AV's that are modified to fly using FPV which is awesome at the CMB Flying Field. To find these models - just type CMB in the search box. There you will find .AV airplane and helicopter files and my other flying fields/airports.

One of my favorites lately is the 'Quadcopter CMB (FPV)_AV'. Csgill75 added gyros to this AV and has made it a breeze to fly. I took his model and added/re-positioned the cameras. Use the F-Keys to cycle through the different cameras.

Track-IR (Head Tracking)
All of the CMB airplane and heli AV’s have cameras added that interface directly with TRACK-IR Version 5 Pro Clip. In RF 7.0 – Track-IR is seamless – it works unbelievably well.

Enjoy - Have Lots of Fun!!!