Compass Warp360 - Rescue_AV

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This is the Compass Warp 360 from the EA by Boof69 with BD3SX rescue.

This is for 6.5 users that cannot use 02DropTopM3's 7.0 version (https://forums.realflight.com/index.php?resources/19570)

Dual rates up is rescue/ down is normal flight. Knob controls rescue pitch.

For those unfamiliar with 3SX rescue, flick a switch and the heli self levels and escapes to the sky.

Full 3SX SL functionality is supported by the model. Change the Channel 8 values to change the level of self level or rescue. This should even work with a passthrough TX (so you can train the rescue reflex).

This was made following the instructions at: http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?p=5732018#post5732018

Rescue can be added to any other heli model.
(In the process of adding rescue to a number of 6.5 FBL helis).

This variant requires:

Compass Warp360_EA