Czech L-159_AV

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The aging L-39 needed a replacement in combat roles, so the Czech aircraft design bureau, Aero/Let, designed the new L-159. Though outwardly identical to the venerable L-39, it was a whole new plane on the inside. The better engine made it faster, new weight distrubation made it smoother to fly, and it is much more advanced.

This one took me about an hour to perfect, and it still isn't completely perfect. It's still a little too light in the nose to keep it down in level flight with 100% throttle, but any heavier, and it flips on its nose before it can take off. That's all I really did, toyed with the thrust so maneuvering wouldn't completely tear the elevators off, and adjusted the ballast to work with the thrust.

I don't really care if you guys think I'm a noob for making such minor differences, I know I am. But this is all the better I can do, I don't know how to change color.

I've removed the old L-159 from the Swap Pages.

This variant requires:

L-39 from RealFlight G4