Dassault MD450 Ouragon_HM_AV

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Dassault MD450 Ouragon Found this little gem on this swap page, and thought it flew nicely, and had a clever afterburner feature.

I enlarged the plane, increased the speed, added some afterburner effects and adjusted the flight characteristics accordingly ( to my preference I guess).

275 MPH+ without afterburner
400 MPH+ with afterburner.

3 pos. sw. - 2 stage air and wheel brakes for short landings. Back = off

Dual rate sw. is combination dual rates and afterburner.
Afterburner armed and dual rates = down. After burner engages with 80%+ throttle.

Knob = flaps ... but I dislike turning that knob from one end to the other to raise and lower ... prefer a switch ... so the knob is like a switch. Full CW = Flaps Down ... a few clicks CCW = Flaps Up ... I don't usually use anything between.

Retract sw. is that ....... with a twist. Sw. forward is gear down, Sw. Back is auto mode. The wheels will not go up until takeoff ( 80 MPH), but will come down anytime. In the auto mode the wheels will extend below 80 MPH
in case you forget ... like I do !!!

Thanks for whomever provided the original. Fun plane !
Oh ... did I mention engine intake air ? (Fun Factor)

This variant requires:

Dassault MD450 Ouragon_EA