Desert Forces Osprey by 211_CS

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This is for the G5 V-22 Osprey, not Inky00's amazing EA, ignore what it says above, this file requires the V-22 Osprey from G5.

The V-22 Osprey Desert Forces CS is a complex color fill and graphical edit that maintains and enhances ALL of the original file's details. I altered the colors, added as well as refined some details to all 3 maps, cleaned up some of the intersecting lines, removed some stray rivets on the normal map that were in parts of the glass, removed a normal map horizontal line that ran through the tires, etc. I just made it look a lil' cleaner all of the way around, and dipped her in my favorite batch of sand colored paint.

NOTE: The color layer (only) was increased to 4096 x 4096 to enhance detail, and this CS will perform best on high-end machines with normal maps set to "on".

All artistic credit belongs with the original artist.



This color scheme requires:

V-22 Osprey_EA

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