Draco_Wilga_3D W Reverse Ultra RC_AV

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LARGE and powerful is what this Draco is. I have increased it's size and completely redone the physics. It is powered by a turbine engine with a variable pitch propeller, so it has reverse like the real Draco. It is also totally 3D capable. It does great blenders, rolling harriers, knife edge spins or any other 3D move you can think of. It can takeoff like the real Draco. Put flaps down hold up elevator for brakes bring up throttle then release up elevator with full throttle. You can land with full flaps and the nose way high, then touch down while you add reverse pitch and blip the throttle to stop. It's fun to experiment with the reverse pitch and see what else you can do.
Channel 8 is reverse pitch. Back is normal, switch towards you is reverse.
Smoke is on channel 7.
Flaps on channel 6.
High/Low rate on channel 5.
Brakes are on up elevator.
There are a number of different camera angles so check them out.
I hope you have fun with this one.

This variant requires: