E-flite Ultra Stick 1_1m ARF_EA

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This is the E-flite Ultra Stick 1.1m ARF version. The ARF version allows you to choose your own radio, motor, and flight physics so this plane has been tuned somewhat different than the E-flite Ultra Stick 1.1m BNF version. The flight physics are setup for the novice and intermediate pilots looking for a little more aerobatics, and it's quite aerobatic.

The plane is compatible with RF 8, RF 9, RF 9.5, RF Evolution.

The controls are set for the InterLink Elite.

Flaps: Channel 6 Knob
Full Width Ailerons: Channel 7 Switch (for increased roll rate)
AS3X Mode: Channel 8 3 Position Switch

There are several cameras available in a 3d field.

F4: Plane Front
F5: Plane Left
F6: Plane Right

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid

I want to thank all the guys on the forum for their help and support.

A special thanks goes to asj5547, BILLFITT, and Bill Stuntz for beta testing.