E-flite UMX Radian Pro Ultra rc_AV

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This AV was created from a request by a member interested in the UMX Radian wich was not available on Swap pages. I have created 2 versions. The UMX Radian and the UMX Radian Pro. The only difference is the Pro has ailerons the other dose not. I used the Radian Pro and scaled it down, lightened it up and then worked on it to get it to fly like the smaller UMX Radian. It will glide at 9 mph and is fantastic at thermaling. Set wind at 1 mph and thermals to dynamic in settings and have fun thermaling. I added wingtip smoke so it would be easier to find at higher altitudes. It flies great indoors also. Remember there are 2 versions one with ailerons, one without.
Pro version has ailerons/elevator/rudder and throttle.
Reg version has elevator/rudder and throttle.
Smoke on channel 7.
Hi/Low rate on channel 5.
I have added different camera angles.
Have fun and enjoy.

This variant requires:

Parkzone Radian_EA