Eclipson EGW-80 LG_EA

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Eclipson EGW-80 also known as the "Graywing" is a 3D printed plane that was designed to accomplish 3 main objectives: Cheap, fast and easy to fly.
It is cheaper because you will only need to use 400 grams of normal PLA and the "standard" electronic used in any of our models, about the camera/VTX used is the Eachine TX02, you don´t need a flight controller or anything else to fly FPV this model. It is fast because is a low drag design, thin airfoil, flying wing concept, clean fuselage... everything has been designed to get a fast and agile aircraft. Flying line of sight and hand launching this model requires some experience, but if you use a bungee to launch it and FPV camera this airplane is much more easier to fly, by printing this aircraft with LW-PLA flying speed will be reduced. Despite the swept wing concept we have been very careful with the wing design and any tip stalling or bad behavior have been found at stall speed.