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This is a Electric Conversion of the MXS-R 89" span.
I edited this for 3D, and in my opinion fixed it.
It now is more like a 3DHS AJ-Slick. Lots of power with realalistic amp draw. For this size elec plane everyone who is serious about flying sets in up on 12S, 5,000mah, 45-65c. I did the same here. It's a wood prop for a reason. Wood is extremely light weight so in hovers and maneuvers when you need it most, the power band is very responsive.
The movement of the 3 axis are realalistic to 3D extreme planes.

NEW Color Scheme for this!!! The MXS-R Red Bull Racer #36 Blue and Silver!!!

Or Search "Aerobeez 89in MXS-R #36_CS"

Flight Characteristics By: Jonathan7x70/aka, Electric online RF multiplayer.

3D Model by jeffpn
Spinner by Dr. Moo
Color Scheme by Maj. Numbskully

enjoy !

This variant requires: