EMB-312 Tucano Large 14 Foot-Semi 3D_AV

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Large, buttery smooth locked in and on rails is how I would describe this plane. It has about a 14-foot span. Whether you're in low rate carving up the sky at full throttle, or in high rate low and slow doing high alpha 3D stuff this plane never feels unstable and not locked in. It is capable of a wide flight envelope. It can be fast and smooth or if you're into 3D flight it is capable of most all high alpha flight. It does very nice blenders with beautiful flat spins. I recommend taking off, landing and general flight in low rates. In high rates you can try just about any type of 3D moves. I would like to thank rcplanefubar for the original plane and Mikeymike21 for the color scheme. I think it fits the personality of this plane. There are numerous others color schemes available.
Smoke is on channel # 8
Landing gear on channel # 7
Flaps on channel # 6
High/low rate on channel # 5
All other controls are your normal controls.
There are a number of camera views I have added to make things interesting.
WARNING!!!! This thing can be addicting!
Link for color scheme. https://forums.realflight.com/index.php?resources/emb-312-tucano-swiss-2_cs.22044/

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EMB-312 Tucano_EA