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I designed the EPP F22 last fall. Made with 6 mm EPP and CF. Uses side to side thrust vectoring in lieu of rudder control. All up flying weight, is 73/4 oz with a 450ma three cell bat.
Designed for indoor, or very small front yard flying.
For some reason the sim does not handle the side to side vectoring. When you fly slowly, the vectoring works as it should, but when you increase the air speed, the vectoring reverses itself, and is mostly ineffective.
Take it up 40 ft off the ground, cut the power, and add in full up elevator, it will harrier down just like the RC plane does. It only needs 30" of runway for take offs and spot landings. With power cut, it glides in slow and steady. The pilots and canopy are just for kicks.
Standard controlls, with side to side thrust vectoring on Rudder.
The pilots came by way of Todd, then Terry, then I put my spin on them.
This is me flying in a very small gym in Weatherford, Tex. last fall. This plane has elevons.