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7 Airports in one, RF’s steepest vertical terrain is now the Earth Ship Aerospace Research Complex (ESARC).” You’ll love this spectacular 3D site. Enjoy breathtaking scenery at Centerfield Island, surrounded by lush lakes and green towering peaks. Enjoy the clear air at Mountaintop Aerodrome. Challenge your skills on the very narrow, very short Observatory Airstrip. Or enjoy a similar challenge taking off from the Boat Dock. Find yourself under a 350,000 square foot see-through ceiling, surrounded by dozens of aircraft at the floating island Air Museum RC Club. Land on the Roof of the ESARC office building, and then dive into the giant trees of Mystery Lagoon and land at its hidden airport. If you're up to the challenge, find a 40 ft tall giant Gnome hidden in plain sight (as long as you know where to look). Or, just cruise over the water, winding and twisting through all those amazing mountains. Very few people receive an invitation to this exclusive, top secret research facility. Be one of the lucky few.

Find all 25th Century multiple field APs by searching "-=-multiplefield," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

Note: This AP is based on the Painted Canyon Scenery from Add-Ons package 4. Add-Ons packages can be downloaded free on realflight.com.

Note: The large number of static display aircraft at the Air Museum RC Club places a heavy demand on the graphics engine and can result in low frame rates. If you are having this problem, you should download ESARC Island Retreat -M_AP (the -M stands for “Fewer aircraft at the Museum). The -M version takes a load off your graphics engine by removing several of the display aircraft. The Museum and airfield are still there, and nothing has changed at any of the other flying sites.

Be sure to check out the 25th Century scale military flying experiences - P-51 40% Scale_AV, B-25 Combat 25% scale_AV, Harrier 33% Scale2_AV, SR-71 25% Scale_AV, and F-106 Delta Dart 33% Scale2_AV. Also enjoy other 25th Century series - the Sig KADET Senior series, the Quad Quartet, and the Honey project. Each series includes multiple AVs and color schemes. The Honey project is special in that it represents a new approach to fixed wing aerodynamics for aerobatics and 3D. Learn more by searching “Honey Pitts” and downloading Honey Pitts ZT2_AV and any color schemes and recordings that interest you. You’ll be glade you did.

25cent -=-longrunway -=-multiplefields -=-water -=-mountains -=-addons -=-14-9
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