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This is my 2nd try to edit an EP conversion Extra300 to match may WH 28% Extra300

Again the Axi5345-16 is used with 12S3P2000 LiPo batteries, giving 3kW of electric power according to what i have calculated and will use for my real life plane.

The base for this edit is the 40% Extra330L custom made by Rick Delten

The color scheme is exactly the Wild Hare 28% Extra300 color scheme, i have on my real life model.

Rick Delten painted it on my request - many thx for that scheme, Rick!

Edits made by me:

- Scaled down to match the new "redesigned 28% Extra300" from Wild Hare RC. (all physical parts are edited with the measurements of my real life WH 28% Extra300)

- Changed from Gas to Electric power according to the power setup that i will use on the real life plane.

This RFG - plane's background is to compare a 50cc gas to electric power conversion in real life with the same in RFG3.5 EP.

Pse give it a try and feel free to tweak this plane to match the real life model as far as possible!

Best regards de Frank!

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