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A little late to the game on this release because I see there's already several of these uploaded, but this is a long overdue release of my Extreme Flight Extra NG. This Model was originally started the day EF released the news of it's existence. I worked closely at the time with Jase Dussia on the design then life took over and the model took a backseat. I finally got back to it and finally finished the model. With my lack of knowledge of how this should fly, I sent it to Rory Tooley to test and tweak the final physics. The AV is his work mainly with a few minor (non flight affecting) modifications made by myself, so I feel it should fly very close to the real deal.

I should mention that this has a very heavy CS, so the RFX could take time to load and the DDS creation could take a bit to generate (up to a minute or so) depending on your PC setup. After that is finished there shouldn’t be an issue.