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F-104 Starfighter - Big and Fast. Speed brakes on the flap knob. From the 3.5 EA by strongmankb.

The F-104 was the first aircraft to simultaneously hold the world speed and altitude records. On 7 May 1958 US Air Force Major Howard C. Johnson, flying YF-104A 55-2957, broke the world altitude record by flying to 91,243 feet at Edwards AFB.[47] On 16 May 1958 US Air Force Capt Walter W. Irwin flying YF-104A 55-2969 set a world speed record of 1.404.19 mph over a 15/25 kilometer course at Edwards AFB.[47] Flying F-104A 56-0762 over NAS Point Mugu, California US Air Force Lt William T. Smith and Lt Einar Enevoldson set several time-to-climb records on 13 and 14 December 1958:[47]

3,000 meters in 41.85 seconds,
6,000 meters in 58.41 seconds
9,000 meters in 81.14 seconds
12,000 meters in 99.90 seconds
15,000 meters in 131.1 seconds
20,000 meters in 222.99 seconds
25,000 meters in 266.03 seconds

On 14 December 1959 US Air Force Capt "Joe" B. Jordan flying F-104C 56-0885 at Edwards AFB set a new world altitude record of 103,389 feet. He also set 30,000 meter time-to-climb record of 904.92 seconds. US Air Force Maj Robert W. Smith, flying NF-104A 56-0756, set an unofficial world altitude record of 118,860 feet on 15 November 1963. On 6 December 1963, he was able to fly the same aircraft to another unofficial altitude record of 120,800 feet.[47]

Jacqueline Cochran flew TF-104G N104L to set three women's world's speed records. On 11 May 1964, she averaged 1429.3 mph over a 15/25 km course, on June 1 she flew at an average speed of 1303.18 mph over a 100-km closed-circuit course, and on June 3 she flew at an average speed of 1127.4 mph over a 500-km closed-circuit course.[47]

Lockheed test pilot Darryl Greenamyer built a F-104 out of parts he had collected. The aircraft, N104RB, was first flown in 1976. On 2 October 1976 Greenamyer flew an average 1010 mph at Mud Lake near Tonopah, Nevada. A tracking camera malfunction eliminated the necessary proof for formal records. On 24 October 1977 Greenamyer flew a 3 km official FAI record flight of 988.26 mph

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