F-104_G L_AV

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Formerly known as the F-104 G LSE, this variant, "L", takes a little getting used to, don't try yanking it into the air, it will stall, give it a good roll and takeoffs are nice and real. practice landings by keeping in full or adequate flaps and low power; you can even add a little power on landing if you have idled too much, a little goes a long way. Feel this RC jet out, it's a sensitive lady, but will reward you if you treat her right; I found that out through trial and error, gentle movements, small sticks throws. Like the LSE, this has a virtual rudder for those crosswind or tight landings, but too much may put you in the ground! Springy scale retracts seem to work very well on this Jet and brakes activate from 30% to 60% on 3pos. switch. Hope you like this challenging variant!

This variant requires: