FA-18 Super Hornet Elevon VT_AV

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FA-18 Super Hornet with Vectored Thrust.
This highly maneuverable plane is mainly intended for RC Mode (fixed view) flying. Easy to do flat spins and recover.

130% Graphical scale for better visibility .
4 engines.
Engine Exhaust.
Vectored Thrust linked to elevator and rudder.
Vector Thrust disabled at low throttle (12%) for normal landings.
Reverse Thrust; can be used for extra braking on runway landing or moving plane in reverse for parking.
Reverse Thrust exhaust.
Wing Tip Smoke when Elevator and Throttle applied.
Wheel Brake Smoke when Wheel Brakes applied at very low throttle.

Wheel Brakes applied with down elevator
ch5 Guns
ch6 Flaps, Reverse Thrust starts at 75% knob clockwise.
ch7 Retracts
ch8 3 position. Center-nothing, Up-Airbrake, Down-Drop Bombs.

Lands slow and smooth even without flaps. If you want to use flaps for landing, note that the reverse thrusters are engaged starting at 75% flaps.

This variant requires:

FA-18 Super Hornet_EA

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