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Controls for DX
Left stick = Throttle and Steering
Right stick = Pull stick back, (up elevator) guns raise and fire in elevated forward position only.
Right stick = Move stick left, (left aileron) Turret rotates left and guns fire when 45 and 90 degrees port-side reached.
Right stick = Move stick right, (right aileron) Turret rotates to the and guns fire when 45 and 90 degrees starboard reached.
Switch "B" up (away from you) = Guns fire forward, (machine gun and cannons).
Flip "B" switch back to center position to stop and reset forward facing guns.
All other guns reload automatically when right stick returned to center.
Switch "D" = reverse, switch "D" up (away from you) and move throttle to idle position.
Switch "D" = down (towards you) for forward.
Left slider = open and close tank hatch doors.
Press F4 key to select guns view from turret.