Flying Circus Tractor 120_EA

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One of the new members from Brasil ask me if I would model the Flying Circus Tractor 120 for him it's a large trainer and is very fun to fly. It has the full balsa framework which you can see with the transparent violet color scheme I'm releasing with the plane. It also has all the radio parts and wiring. So give the Flying Circus Tractor 120 a try she looks great and fly's great.

The plane is fully compatible with RF-7.5, RF-8, RF-9, RF-9.5, and RF-X. There was a problem with the transparency in RF-X so it's been disabled.

The controls are set for the Interlink Elite.

BRAKES: Activated using UP elevator.
SMOKE: Channel 7 switch.

There are several cameras available in a 3d field.

F4: Cinema Cam
F5: Plane Front
F6: Plane Left
F7: Plane Right

Plane Design: technoid
Engine Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid

I want to thank all the guys on the forum for their help and support. I also want to thank the guys at Flying Circus for their help.