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This is a fun fly version of the Galloping Ghost. It's a custom design with a Hacker Q80 8M motor, and a 12 cell 6,000 mAh battery so it's very high performance. I created it for myself but decided to share it on the swap pages. It's what I call a semi-profile version and breaks a few rules in that it has retracts but I didn't model the wheel wheels and is an electric plane with smoke. RealFlight is a simulator so I created a plane just to have fun with so if you don't mind breaking the rules you might like it too.

The plane is compatible with RF-7.5, RF-8, RF-9.5, RF Evolution, and RF-X.

Plane Design: technoid
Plane Physics: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid
Custom Propeller: technoid (with help from asj5547)

The controls are setup for the InterLink Elite.

Flaperons: Channel 6 Knob.
Gear: Channel 7 Switch.
Smoke: Channel 8 3 Position Switch Forward (away from you).
Brakes: Activated using UP elevator.

There are several On Board Cameras available on a 3D field.

F4: Cinema Cam
F5: Pilot Seat
F6: Plane Front
F7: Plane Left
F8: Plane Right

I want to thank all the guys on the forum for their help and support while I was modeling the plane and testing it for me.