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Big, Fast, Heavy, Loud, Smooth & Aggressive. A 100% scale (12.5m long) X-wing StarFighter that does mach 2.5 and precision hover - all the features of DirtyHarry’s original, excellent EA and more. Dual flight modes wire in with the landing pads. Extend pads (gear switch towards you) and hover with perfect precision. Throttle controls vertical thrust, elevator controls fore/aft thrust, aileron controls left/right thrust, stabilizers prevent pitch and roll). Retract the landing pads (gear switch away from you) and rocket to more than 1800 mph with smooth, aggressive, fixed-wing style aerobatic control. Knob controls air brakes to limmit top speed to 500 mph - perfect for flying in fixed camera mode. S-wing has the same 3-position control as the original EA. You'll love the sounds, from R2D2 chirps to screamin’ engines. Enjoy. May the Force be with you.

InCom T-65 X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars. Thanks to DirtyHarry3033 for this blast-from-the-past galactic joyride.

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25cent -=-other -=-scifi -=-spaceship -=-physics -=-aerobatic -=-12+' 4+m -=-2000+mph -=-3000+kph -=-fast -=-mach -=-15-7

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Incom T-65_EA

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