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I like to explore 3d fields and that's what Lazy Eight Mk II is all about. It has a 120 inch wingspan for extremely low wing loading and a front mounted cockpit to give you the best possible view of where you're flying. Everything is there to make exploring the most fun. The dashboard is clear with self-lit embedded gauges that make seeing what's in front of you easy and the seats are mounted on a clear glass floor to always give you the best view possible.

During preflight use the F4 key to sit in the pilot seat and test out the flight controls. The rudder, aileron, and elevator move the pilot view and the steering wheel moves with the flight controls. You can also tilt the Pilot Seat camera using the Channel 6 Knob from 0 to -20 degrees to get a better view of the terrain as you fly over it. But don't forget to buckle up you don't want to fall out.

FEATURES: Pilot Seat Camera Tilt, Retracts, Smoke, and Brakes.

I'm a little bit different on controls so here's how I have it setup.

Pilot Seat Camera Tilt: Channel 6 Knob (0 to -20 degrees)
Gear Dn: Three Position Switch Towards You
Gear Up: Three Position Switch in Center
Smoke: Three Position Switch Away from You
Brakes: Activated by down elevator

NOTE: Don't forget to turn the channel 6 knob fully counterclockwise to get the standard pilot seat camera view.

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid

I want to thank legoman for reminding me to add the Pilot Seat camera tilt feature and also Doug and BrokeDad for testing the betas and giving feedback to improve them. I also want to thank all the guys on the Developer's Forum they're always there when I need help.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully
adrenoline 60

While flying a 3d field you can use the F4, F5, F6, and F7 keys for the Pilot Seat, Front, Left, and Right views of the plane. You can also use the Channel 6 Knob to tilt the Pilot Seat camera 0 to -20 degrees to get a great view of the terrain as you fly over it.
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