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Mark II started out when I designed a new fuselage for another plane I was working on, but after I finished the new fuselage I decided to create an all new plane instead of a Mk II version of the other plane. So the Mk II version of another plane became simply Mark II. I created three versions of Mark II since I know lots of people prefer one power plant over the other. The main version is Gas Powered but there's also an Electric and Four Stroke version too. So take your pick they're all designed to fly the same but the different engines make for three really nice versions to fly. So grab one and enjoy flying it, or have fun with all three like I do.


The plane has smoke (gas and four stroke versions), retracts, and brakes. And when you're flying in the Pilot Seat all the flight controls move as they should to give you a better flying experience.


I'm a little bit different when it comes to what controls what so here's how I have the controls setup, except the EP version.

Gear Dn: Channel 8 3 Position Switch Towards You
Gear Up: Channel 8 3 Position Switch In The Middle
Smoke On: Channel 8 3 Position Switch Away From You
Brakes: Applied with Down Elevator

NOTE: Since the electric version doesn't have smoke I left the retracts on the channel 7 switch. The brakes work the same.

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid and doug schluter
Color Scheme: technoid
Dashboard Gauges: technoid and doug schluter
Fun Factor: A simple fun flyer

I also want to thank the guys on the Developer's Forum they're
always there when I need help and I thank them for it.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully
adrenoline 60

When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4, F5, and F6 keys for the Pilot Seat, Left, and Right views of the plane. I like flying in the Pilot Seat it’s great fun. I made the Canopy clear from the inside so you don't see reflections as you fly.
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