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Master Jet Fighter Base_AP

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This Airport is Huge, the object count is 1251 in all. Its awesome flying at night there and you can see the airport for miles. Landing at night is no problem here. Theres a guess line in the center of the runway with red lights and taxi way lights too. Its great for someone who has a Fast jet that takes up alot of runway. Theres 2 Runways. The Main Runway is 4000 ft. long, and theres a 2000 ft runway. Theres even and ares set asside for testing the Jets where they run the throttle up all the way to after burner. Hope you enjoy the field, and have fun! Thanks<------------------------> Update, thanks for the comments and im glad some people like the airport. This Airport is mainly for * Night Flying* for large scale Aircraft and Testing fast aircraft. I built it soley to test Variants with high speeds and long take offs for real scale use. For the record this airport took me about 2 weeks to build and was very frustrating cuz it seemed there was a Cap of certian types of objects that could be saved so apon saving many items were deleted and proved very frustrating to build. Having to starte over a fiew times as well had to be done. Also this airport is based and modeled off a Vague ariel photoe of Oceana Master Jet Fighter Base in Virginia Beach VA IF you dont like Large Scale RC planes then dont bother downloading and to avoid idiotic comments.

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