Mini OREKA F3A-F3P Ultra Rc_AV

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This AV I did because I like the looks of the OREKA, plus had a friend ask if I could make it fly like the indoor F3P precision airplanes. Well here it is. It looks like an F3A aircraft but flies like an F3P aircraft. It will fly as slow as 8 mph or less. It is very precise and flies like it's on rails. Great for precision flying. Smoke was added and can be turned on or off to the fuselage and wing tips for those who may want it. I was not planning on putting this on Swap pages but it's so much fun to fly I figured why not.
Wing tip smoke on channel 8.
Fuselage smoke on channel 7.
Hi/Low rate on channel 5.
Numerous camera angles have been added.
I have to thank mike326 for the original EA.
I hope you have fun with this one.

This variant requires: