Moffett Airfield_PI

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Moffet Airfield v1.2,
A historic airfield dating back to the early 1930's as home to USS Macon Airship.
Previously operated as Moffet Naval Air Station, now run by NASA Ames Research Center.

This is a very large and open Photofield, best suited for larger scale aircraft.
I've added collision meshes to near visible objects and distant hangars.
Due to it's size it's open to additional creative variants.

Photographed with permission of Range Safety Officer Mark Sumich of NASA Ames, thank you Mark for making this possible.
I would also like to thank, Opjose, RCHeliace, GLM, Ke6d, tnorton, and brianjt for testing and their valuable feedback in creating this photofield.


For personal non-profit use only, any other use or modification of the panorama is prohibited without consent of the author.

©2007 Frank Ronquillo