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P-51 Mustang HO Race version. Same features as the HO v2 but slightly faster and yet easier to fly in a race course. This version has lower rates and the roll induced by rudder has been decreased.

EDIT: Additional Information
P-51 Mustang HO Race:
Designed for more experienced pilots to run on race courses at higher speed.
Top speed about 265 mph (HO - High Output).
Custom HO Engine with torque curve adjusted for a little smoother acceleration in the mid to high rpm range.
Able to fly slow or fast in a course depending on how challenging and tight the course may be.
This plane is trimmed to fly straight and level with gear and flaps up at Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

Changed from P-51 Mustang HO v2:
Improved tracking.
Slightly decreased control surface sensitivity.
Slight increase in speed (265mph).
Roll induced by rudder has been decreased slightly.
Should be a little easier to fly even though faster.
(HO v2 may be better suited for tighter obstacle course flying due to higher rates)

Wheel Brakes applied with up elevator (ch2).
Smoke On AND Rear Attack Rockets with ch8 down(If Rockets enabled).
You can enable the rockets by setting /Airframe/Main Wing/Rocket Launcher/Trigger Servo = "Smoke Switch and Rockets" in the Aircraft Editor.
Cockpit open with ch8 up.
Smoke Off and Cockpit closed with ch8 center position (normal flying).
Gear ch7.
Guns AND Rates ch5 (to disable guns, set machine guns = No Servo).
Flaps ch6.

Added/changed from Stock P-51:
Increased Power/Speed.
Increased Wheel Drag - landing and steering gear offer a little extra air drag to slow down quicker for landing (Don't forget to Gear-Up).
Increased Strength - to cope with higher speed. Ok to touch wing tip while making a turn flying low.
A little stronger elevator mixed with flaps for slow flying with less up elevator fighting.
Smoke On has reduced smoke for higher frame rates and less blinding for the pilot behind you.
Wheel Brakes.
Wheel Brake Smoke.
Machine Guns on wings.
Rear Attack Rocket Launchers (need to be enabled).

This plane is tuned for All-Around Quick Response while using LOW Rates (rates are not that low).
It is tuned to offer a compromise between low and high speed race course maneuvering leaning toward faster flying.
Using the rudder in a banked turn allows for smoother course flying.
If this plane is too fast/difficult for your course, try the P-51 Mustang HO OC (180mph).

This variant requires:

P-51 Mustang from RealFlight G4
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