P-51 Unlimited Race Plane Ultra Rc_AV

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This AV was created to be used at my Ultimate tubes and maze ultra-airport for pilot spawn 6. Which is the start of the air race course around the desert. This AV is very fast and has a long flight time at full throttle. It flies very smooth and is easy to land. I recommend most of your flying in low rate. Turns at highspeed will create wingtip vortexes.
Smoke is on channel 8.
Channel 7 retracts.
Channel 6 flaps.
Channel 5 High/Low rate.
Brakes on up elevator.
Make sure you check out all the camera angles.
I hope you have fun with it.
Enjoy. https://forums.realflight.com/index.php?resources/p-51-race-strega_cs.26379/

This variant requires:

Roto Finish P-51_EA