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Parkzone Extra 300, setup to fly from a grass field. This is scaled down from the Extra 300 glow airplane. This is my first modified airplane, but it flies pretty close to how my real Parkzone 300 behaves, including being snap-happy with elevator and being difficult to takeoff and land on the grass. The simulated model acts very life-like when flown on grass patches in Real Flight (mine has trouble in grass, even with the wheel pants removed and gigantic 3" wheels on it!). You can reduce this by dropping the wheel resistance and friction settings.

Also, the Parkzone 300 is prone to main gear breakage (mine broke on the first flight, and have since been reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy). So to simulate a stock PZ300, you should reduce the main gear strength.

And lastly, just FYI - I forgot that my transmitter was trimmed with up elevator when I uploaded this, so the model is a little out of trim which I did not intend. You can throw in a little positive deflection on the elevator's neutral position, or just trim your transmitter. Just an FYI :)

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Extra330S BA_EA
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