Patch's Sunset Park_AP

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Located across the street from my house, there's plenty of space for park-fliers or helis. Around here the only voids among the many trees and houses and power-lines, are provided by a dog park and an elementary school with 3 soccer fields plus room for a 1/4 mile single track adjacent to the inner soccer field.

Remember X changes to alternate locations, and W-motion is cool to find your favorite spots in this relatively tight area.

I wanted a 3D (instead of Panoramic) replica of my favorite place to fly in real life; because without a runway, I find my self walking around to different spots - depending on sun and wind location and strength. (I love a dark overcast day, when the glare is low) So since a panorama type airfield limits movement for the pilot, I gave it my all making this 3D monster.

With over 1000 objects and trees, this field might burden slower systems.

Video tour...

PS: My frame rates respond best when I turn shadow adjustments down some, while keeping most of the other settings higher. (Hit [alt] once, then hit twice to access the menu, then select Graphics, then Quality. Remember to restart the simulator for most settings to take effect.)