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I created the Piper Arrow because while I was modeling the Piper Cherokee 180 someone asked if I could create a version that was more aerobatic. So I decided to create the Piper Arrow since I like retracts and I also gave it less dihedral and a stronger engine. And to increase the small ailerons effectiveness I added a switch so you could select full width ailerons or ailerons and flaps.

The plane has a detailed cabin and all the flight controls move with the radio. There's also a detailed four cylinder flat four in the cowl you can see though the intake and using the X-Ray view you can see the engine inside the cowl. So give the Piper Arrow a try she looks great, sounds great, and fly's great.
The plane is fully compatible with RF-7.5, RF-8, RF-9, and RF-X.

The controls are set for the Interlink Elite.

BRAKES: Activated using DN elevator.
RETRACTS: Channel 7 switch.
FLAPS: When Enabled Operated By the Channel 6 knob.

The Channel 8 3 Position Switch Selects Ailerons and Flaps, Full Width Ailerons, or Full Width Ailerons with Smoke.

Channel 8 Switch Towards You: Ailerons and Flaps
Channel 8 Switch In the Center: Full Width Ailerons
Channel 8 Switch Away from You: Full Width Ailerons with Smoke

On a night field the landing light and navigation lights glow and the tail beacon flashes.

There are several cameras available in a 3d field.

F4: Cinema Cam
F5: Pilot Seat
F6: Plane Front
F7: Plane Left
F8: Plane Right
F9: X-Ray (Shows Engine Inside Cowl)

Plane Design: technoid
Engine Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid
Custom Engine Sound: technoid
Custom Engine Profile: technoid

I want to thank everyone that tested the beta and gave feedback during the build. I also want to thank all the guys on the developer forum for their input that always helps me refine the build.