Quarter Scale P-38 Lightning - Version 3_AV

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1/4 Scale P-38 Lightning with Twin Moki 250cc 4-Stroke Radial Gas Engines by Spidernad.

Version 3 Updates:

"Blown Engine" Fire can now be either one or both engines.

Brakes turned off at full throttle for take off

Engines power curves adjusted for quicker low end response

Version 2 Upades:

Now has realistic power curve and scale 420mph speed!
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Many hours went into this variant, with the addition of some very realistic features including my now signature two level "Blown Engine" engine fire and smoke that eminates from both sides of the engines, Three Blade Counter Rotating Propellers with the correct outward at the top rotations, Brakes, Etc.

It flies very nice and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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With its twin engine, twin boom and tricycle landing gear configuration, Lockheed's P-38 Lightning was a radical departure from the traditional American fighter developments. This replica was modeled after Dennis Crooks' P-38 Lightning.

Aircraft Specificatios:

Nine Channels


Fire / Smoke- Controlled by the 3-position switch on the top left of the InterLink controller.
Forward Position = No Fire / Smoke
Middle Position = One Engine Fire / Smoke
Rear Position = Both Engines Fire / Smoke

Brakes- Just pull back on the stick.

Retracts- Controlled by the 2-position switch on the top right of the InterLink controller.

Flaps- Controlled by the rotary knob on the InterLink Controller.

Dual Rates- Controlled by the 2-position switch located on the front left of the InterLink controller.

This variant requires:

P-38 from Add-Ons 3

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