RC Factory REVOLTO Ultra RC_AV

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This AV I did because I wanted one that could make it all the way through the tubes at my tubes and maze airport. The original with the 1320mah battery could not make it all the way through without running out of power. The battery in this REVOLTO is a custom battery I created that has 4000mah but weighs the same as the 1320mah battery. I redid the physics completely to make it feel and fly like my VELOXITY plane that is a sister ship to the REVOLTO. And then lightened it up a little so it would be more like the REVOLTO. I also added smoke for those who may want that feature. It is lively but well behaved.
Smoke on channel 7.
High/Low rates on channel 5.
Make sure to check out all the different camera angles.
Have fun with this one.

This variant requires: