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SAAB J35F "Draken"

Hi !

The Dragon from Sweden !

SAAB J35F "Draken" 1/5 Scale Modell. With switchable Gyros for stable flight and White/Red Smoke. Colorscheme: Ostarrichi

- Engine: JetCat P180
- Weight: 18kg/40,8 lbs.
- Length: 3.07m/121"
- Wingspan: 1,88m/74""

Channel 8: Off | White turbine smoke | Red smoke (with white smoke togther)
Channel 5: Wingbrakes and Elevator Airbrakes
Channel 7: Gear
Channel 6: Elevator and aileron gyro sensivity

Caution: Don't use the Airbrakes inflight ! Only after landing ! Otherwise the plane will "maybe" crash

I fix the problem with the gear by changing the stiffness of the gear to 150%. The tires are still go a little bit through the wings but i cant fix this. Its because of the stiffness. Otherwise set the main gear to "Scale Retracts" Landing Gear Type in the Editor. But then u got no springy gear...

For changes or updates for this and my other realflight models plz visit:

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Enjoy and have fun !!! ...and please rate and let me know about issues in the comments !

Greetings from Germany


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